About us

Description: C:\Users\syed\Desktop\ibs site\images\globegraduat.gifHow do you explain something that never has had superiority?. Maldives finds it difficult to explain the growth ratio of her own development, to the world. Likewise, IBS too, a pure Maldiven effort, finds difficulty to explain its own growth ratio. Perhaps because, IBS has gone far and futuristic, more than any academic oriented organization, in Maldives.
Just over 15 years of existence, IBS – International Business Systems Overseas Pvt Ltd., now stands knocking the socks off almost all other competing institutions operating in the Maldives. 
Walk into the building that houses the multifaceted activities of IBS today. Three spacious floors with equipment, amenities, a selective alumni and clientele, projects a scene that allures your eyes most charmingly. 

What Strikes you most? 

A growth ratio proven to the hilt and now poised for further development. Human skills are Maldives’s most resourceful and immeasurably dominant and most valuable assets. IBS stands symbolic of that aspect. Maldives’s future citizens are eager, enthusiastic and prepared to play their role in a fast developing and rapidly changing world. IBS is committed to lend them her willing, and helping hand.

The Company 

International Business Systems Overseas (pvt) ltd., was incorporated under the companies Act No 25 /82 on the 20th January 1996 and has its registered office at “Galolhu Vaffushi”, Lonuziyaaraiya magu, Male’, Rep of Maldives.
IBS carries on business on educational services; data processing serves as consultants, advisers and contractors on all matters pertaining to the use and operation of computers and undertakes data processing, programming, and systems Analysis. 
These services are offered to any person, company or corporation. 

IBS is also in a position to provide the following service: -

• To erect, construct, equip, establish and set up offices, study rooms and such buildings as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying on computer services, data processing, systems analysis, and training in the use and operation of computers.
• To install and set up all plants, computer machinery and equipment as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying on the business of computer services, data processing, system analysis and training in the use and operation of computers.
Whatever that goes to make the strategy of operation, there is one visible and important factor which explains why IBS is distinctively different from others in the field, And this, perhaps is a prime factor. IBS consists of young men who are themselves qualified and trained professionals. Naturally, IBS stands poised as a breed set apart from the rest. IBS also stands poised for further growth on the very same lines of balanced thinking and concerted efforts. Such multifaceted growth is certainly one to watch.

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