PC Networking using Windows 2008

The goal of this course is to provide the students in depth knowledge to successfully design implement , manage and maintain state-of-the-art corporate networks using most appropriate technologies while lowering the TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) in a shortest possible time frame and to motivate the students to claim the premium price for their time spent on a particular project and beyond.

Modules: 1.Network Essentials & Fundamentals
  2. LAN / WAN Concepts , Network Media
  3. Configuring Protocols TCP / IP
  4. Configuring & Admin Win 2003 Server
  5. Managing Windows 2003 Server
  6. Configuring Active Directory Services
  7. Configuring RAS, DNS, DHCP, WINS
  8. Configuring Windows 2003 Server as Router
  9. Cabling Concepts, Optimizing Performance
  10. LAN / WAN Facult Tolerance & Troubleshooting
  11. Network Security, Designing a Network
  12. Project Report

Accrediation M.Q.A
Minumum Entry Qualification Basic knowledge in Computing
Course Fee 1,500/= per month
* Free Approved Course Materials.
* Unlimited practical hours