PC Troubleshooting & Configuration

The goal of PC Hardware and Troubleshooting course is to provide in depth Knowledge to students on all aspects of personnel computer hardware , computer peripherals and troubleshooting. This job oriented course leads student to quality in computer hardware fields as Hardware Technician

Modules: 1. Hardware / Software Concepts
  2. Operating Systems DOS, Windows...
  3. Assemble a Complete PC System
  4. PC Bus Architecture
  5. Disk System Architecture
  6. Software Installation and Configuration
  7. Peripheral Devices Installation
  8. Troubleshooting
  9. Printers , Scanners
  10. Basic Computer Networking

Accrediation M.Q.A
Minumum Entry Qualification Basic knowledge in Computing
Course Fee 1,500/= per month
* Free Approved Course Materials.
* Unlimited practical hours